LiDAR sensor at 32 channels
   Max range up to 300 m
   4-lens RGB pano camera at 8K
   Indoors, outdoors, underground sites
   Geospatial and Digital Twin applications
   Software included

Gexcel HERON LITE Color - portable 3D scanning system
HERON LITE Color - Gexcel MG1 - 8K Panoramic Camera



Engineered by GEXCEL

4-lens. Panorama and Video. RGB 8k

HERON LITE Color - single-sensor capture head - 32 channels lidar


HERON LITE Color - easy attachment system to secure the measuring head on different supports

Detachable head

Easily attached the capture head to telescopic poles and vehicles (cars, quads, robots). Measuring cavities and inaccessible areas becomes child’s play, thanks in part to the ability to use HERON upside down.


Lightness and power in a small space

  Remotely driven via Wi-Fi
—  Various usage configurations
—  Data storage on USB flash drive: handy and confidentiality
—  Internal battery
—  Additional batteries for non-stop acquisitions

HERON - System Controller - Internal battery
HERON - System Controller - Data storage on USB key
HERON - System Controller - Wi-Fi connection
HERON - System Controller - Extremely Lightweight
HERON - System Controller - Plug&Go Extra Battery

Internal battery

USB for data storage

confidentiality and privacy

Wireless connection to PDA

Only 1085 g


“Plug&Go” extra batteries

non-stop acquisitions

HERON - System Controller - Powerful, Compact, Lightweight


Personal Digital Assistant

Convenient control unit to easily manage your surveys, even while keeping it in your pocket

Wi-Fi connection to the Controller

Advanced acquisition of control points

Easy and intuitive interface

HERON PDA - Personal Digital Assistant


No limits acquisitions

Compactness, versatility and advanced software make HERON the perfect choice for multiple operational needs.
HERON LITE Color easily adapts to indoor and outdoor environments, including narrow and dark spaces, construction sites and gardens. Perfect for geospatial and Digital Twin applications.

Underground mines

Parks and gardens

Stockpiles volume

Cultural heritage

Digital Twin

Industrial plants

Multisensor projects

BIM and constructions

Touristic routes

2.5D Maps



— Improve efficiency in the field
— Solve specific surveying needs
— Increase the areas in which to operate

HERON LITE Color Accessories


standard capacity


This proprietary battery can be easily connected to the Controller without interrupting the acquisition, increasing the battery life by 1 hour and 30 minutes.


To bring the Controller in handheld configuration


Equipped with a quick controller attachment system, it enables surveying activities in a convenient and comfortable way.


extension from 56 to 180 cm – weight 1000 g – cables included


Telescopic pole (length up to 180 cm) on which the HERON capture head can be mounted. A long cable establishes a proper connection between the acquisition head and the controller.


extension from 115 to 625 cm – weight 1880 g – cables included


Telescopic pole (length up to 625 cm) on which the HERON capture head can be mounted. A long cable establishes a proper connection between the acquisition head and the Controller.


to tilt the capture head


Mounted on any HERON pole, it allows you to safely tilt the capture head and fix a position during acquisition in special environments.


for on-ceiling control points


This special tip can be easily mounted on the top of the capture head and used to pick up control points placed on the ceiling using the dedicated “Tip” application.


4000 lumen – 36 W – weight 700 g


Effectively illuminate the space around you to take photos and/or move around safely.


supported speed: up to 30 Km/h


Durable and secure system with professional-grade suction cup mounts to attach the HERON capture head to a car/van and a wired cable to connect it to the controller inside the car.


for acquisition and transport


Wearable during acquisitions keeping hands free while protecting components housed inside. Especially suitable for harsh environments. Wired interior to ensure quick setup of components. Perfect for carrying the system compactly.


ultra thin – wearable


Equipped with a quick controller attachment system, it enables surveying activities in a convenient and comfortable way.


Create and navigate 3D models and share results

HERON Desktop icon

HERON® Desktop

Post-processing of SLAM data

Find out more

Software to extract 3D point cloud models from HERON acquisitions. It contains patented SLAM algorithms; time bar to organise your processing as desired; filter of moving objects, and more. Advanced mode for the total control of SLAM algorithms’ parameters. Use of control points and control scans as constraints.


HERON Constraints tool

Advanced control points processing

Find out more


Take advantage of HERON algorithms to anchor 3D models to constraints so as to increase the overall accuracy. These constraints can be GNSS coordinates, ground points, physical/natural points but also georeferenced scans (TLS, UAV, Mobile). With this approach, you can also geo-reference the model and keep an eye on drift effects that may occur, for example, in long straight paths.

Reconstructor icon


Advanced LiDAR data processing

Find out more


Professional software for advanced point cloud management and editing. Data processing from HERON or from terrestrial/mobile/UAV laser sensors. Powerful automatic and target-less scans’ alignment. Data export to ReCap, E57 and various standard formats. Full compatibility with various third-party software and cloud platforms. RGB camera calibration, HERON survey navigation, mesh and DTM generation, volume computation, sections and profiles. More details


Reconstructor HERON add-on

Set of commands for HERON data

Find out more


Add commands to Reconstructor to manage and optimize HERON survey results. Adjust the trajectory, navigate and retrace the survey with 360° spherical views, obtain fully measurable technical views that can be shared with the end client, produce video or georeference the data by constraining it to static scans, and more. More details

GoBlueprint icon


Sharing of 2D easy-measure maps

Find out more


An intuitive viewer of scaled X-ray images, designed to easily extract measures (volumes, distances, areas) even by users not skilled in 3D. Compatible with any Windows-based tablet/PC. Free tool designed to be provided to end customers for convenient output management. More details

Reconstructor MINING add-on

Functions for territorial data analysis and output

Find out more


Set of additional commands for Reconstructor. Advanced calculation of volume/cut&fill volume, topographic mesh, extraction of sections from plans and much more. This package of functions is particularly suitable for those working on spatial data, quarries or open pit mines to optimize the development of a site and make work progress decisions based on detailed information. More details

Reconstructor COLOR add-on

Functions for 3D model coloring

Find out more


Set of additional commands for Reconstructor. Creation of meshes with photographic textures, the use of panoramic images, the management of the projectors and much more. This set of functions is particularly suitable for those who want to work with high-resolution images to integrate with their 3D models and obtain high-level results such as technical tables with photographic details. More details

HERON ROS Converter tool

HERON data for SLAM development projects

Find out more


Add this tool to your HERON system to import raw data into the ROS language, the most used for robotics and research activities. Designed for research institutes, universities and companies with R&D departments that wish to customize, develop and test their own SLAM approach starting from synchronized and calibrated sensors. More details

Cintoo-Cloud icon

Cintoo Cloud

Digital Twin projects and cloud sharing

Find out more


A cloud-based Reality Data management and collaboration platform. By transforming large point cloud data into 3D meshes, the data is now shareable, collaborative, and distributable with clients, contractors and your own teams. More details

ClearEdge3D icon


Automatic switching from 3D scans/point clouds to BIM models

Find out more


Designed to automatically extract features from point clouds. EdgeWise is an as-built modelling platform that uses advanced algorithms to automate scan-to-BIM workflows. It models as-built pipes, structural elements, ducts, walls, conduits, and cable trays from mobile and terrestrial point clouds. More details

ClearEdge3D icon


“As-built/As-designed” verification

Find out more


Verity compares laser scans of as-built conditions against any 3D Navisworks model to generate accurate quality assessments. Sophisticated computer vision algorithms compare the point cloud to the model, enabling Verity to measure the distance between where an element was meant to go and where it was built. The result is a much more accurate, detailed, and complete variance analysis. More details

HERON is developed under a licence of the European Commission Joint Research Centre

E. info@gexcel.it | P. (+39) 030 6595001

Via Branze 45, I-25123 Brescia (BS) ITALY


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