—  Powerful and versatile SLAM systems

—  Fast indoor/outdoor 3D acquisitions

—  Complex and underground environments

—  Geospatial and Digital Twin applications

Advanced 3D Reality Capture

Remarkable accuracy and exceptional photo quality
HERON Immersive Tour with photographic navigation


Patented Algorithms and Unique Design

Discover what makes HERON versatile, flexible and highly professional
HERON - compact design

Compact design

Versatility and reliability for all types of surveys

The HERON capture head can be attached to telescopic poles, a rugged backpack, an ultra-thin plate, or mounted on vehicles (cars, quads, boats, robots, etc.). The rugged backpack can be used as both a support for mapping and as a case for transporting all components. The compactness and robustness of HERON allow its use even in challenging environments.

HERON software - loop closure not mandatory

Start to end path freedom

Loop closure not mandatory

Thanks to its patented and innovative SLAM algorithms, HERON provides highly flexible trajectory management, allowing surveying to be completed without the requirement to end at the same point of departure. With loop closure not mandatory, HERON revolutionizes the way surveys are conducted, ensuring efficiency and adaptability throughout the process.

HERON software - full control of SLAM parameters

Parameters control

Automatic or advanced processing

HERON offers both automatic processing and an exclusive advanced mode, allowing you to customize every parameter of the SLAM processing interface. With HERON Desktop software, you have the flexibility to choose presets for specific applications and take full control with advanced settings.

HERON software - optimization of 3D model global accuracy

Accuracy optimization

GNSS points and scans as constraints

HERON can anchor its 3D model to constraints so as to increase its overall accuracy. These constraints can be of various kinds:

  • GNSS coordinates
  • ground points
  • physical/natural points
  • georeferenced scans (TLS, UAV, Mobile)

These constraints can be obtained in several ways:

  1. By acquiring control points with HERON during the survey (including on ceilings, sloping walls, rock walls).
  2. By recognizing known points within the 3D cloud.
  3. By extracting coordinates from a 2D plan or a digital model (DWG) or BIM.
  4. By importing georeferenced scans of the same site.
HERON - Data sharing with GoBlueprint free tool

GoBlueprint free tool

Sharing of easy-to-measure 2D maps

A free tool to nimbly share blueprint/depth maps of HERON models with your end customers. Even users who are not 3D experts can thus easily visualize the surveyed area through a simple 2D interface and make measurements in a highly intuitive way. GoBlueprint runs on any Windows-based computer or tablet.

HERON software - Multi sensor integration

Multi-sensor integration

3D models with data from different sensors

Reconstructor software, included in HERON, is the ideal platform for merging point cloud models from various lidar sensors and of different formats. Static scans, LAS files, point clouds from UAVs and BIM models can be managed in the same software. In addition, HERON can be the quick and easy way to link point cloud models located inside and outside the mapped site.

HERON software - Direct export to Recap and third-party software

Direct export to ReCap

Dedicated workflows and professional results

HERON models can be easily shared and exported in common formats, such as .rcp for Autodesk® ReCap or E57. This results in a brilliant data processing workflow and guaranteed professional results. Point cloud models from a HERON survey project can be easily imported into third-party software for “scan-to-BIM” and progress monitoring applications or any other post-processing analysis.

HERON software - Data sharing and Digital Twin

Digital Twin and sharing

Immersive tours and high-level coworking

HERON’s 3D models can be navigated via immersive tours or uploaded to cloud-sharing platforms for Digital Twin projects. HERON provides a direct connection to Cintoo Cloud, 3DMapping Cloud and Scene WebShare. HERON customers can benefit from dedicated offerings.


Compact design and high-level performance

Systems designed to meet the needs of professionals in the field
HERON MS TWIN Color - 32 channels double lidar sensor capture head with 8K pano camera



HERON MS TWIN Color - 32 channels double lidar sensor capture head



HERON LITE Color - 32channels lidar sensor capture head with 8K pano camera


LITE Color

HERON LITE Color - 32channels lidar sensor capture head




No limits acquisitions

Use HERON anywhere, thanks to versatile design and powerful algorithms

Underground mines

Parks and gardens

Stockpiles volume

Cultural heritage

Digital Twin

Industrial plants

Multisensor projects

BIM and construction

Touristic routes

2.5D Maps


Advanced processing

All-in-one, on-premise and without processing limits


Transparency first

Offers tailored to each customer’s needs




HERON is developed under a licence of the European Commission Joint Research Centre

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Via Branze 45, I-25123 Brescia (BS) ITALY


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