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11 - 13 February 2024 Booth 727

Colorado Convention Center | Denver, CO, USA

We at Gexcel and ClearEdge3D can’t wait to show you our innovative solutions for the construction field.
Don’t miss out on the future of construction technology!

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Joined Technologies

The power of two expertly combined technologies to provide the construction sector with a first-rate workflow

HERON and ClearEdge3D


Scan-to-Plan Solutions

With automated wall and level modeling technologies and cutting-edge mobile scanning, you can quickly and accurately create floor plans for huge facilities while maintaining complete control over how your models appear in Revit.


SLAM System

Powerful and versatile 3D mapping

  Dual 32-channel LiDAR sensor
  Max range up to 300 m
  4-lens RGB pano camera at 8K
  Indoors, outdoors, complex and underground sites
  Geospatial and Digital Twin applications
  Software included

HERON MS TWIN Color - Wearable and compact

Surveying Competition!


HERON will participate in the USIBD-hosted competition, which will use a mock LOD200 project at the convention center to compare SLAM-based and terrestrial scanners. For a comprehensive one-to-one product comparison, USIBD will meticulously detail scans, workflows, and ownership costs.

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